Defining Success

Defining Success

The ES2 Suite has been integral in creating new business opportunities and driving client successes across a broad array of categories and with an equally wide group of customers.  As a result, ES2 has become a mainstay for our clients, who appreciate the simplicity of its user interface and the way it allows for very fast, very cost-effective and very user-friendly solutions to complex business processes.

The sheer breadth of innovative solutions powered by ES2 illustrates the versatility and power of the software.  ES2 is a workflow management tool; an enrollment and verification system; the foundation for a tablet application that can be used by widespread street teams to track and update data on a real-time basis; a platform for creating and updating mobile applications without having to constantly resubmit for app store approvals; and much more.

Some specific ES2 success stories include (full case-study copy to come, each would be a pop-up on the site):

  •  Enrolling and Verifying 12 Million Americans
  •  Creating A Better Workflow Management Tool
  • Creating and Updating Mobile Applications With Ease
  •  Enabling Street Teams To Run On A Tablet-Centric System
  • Partnering With The FCC
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