ES2 Platform

In addition to initial capital, BBH provides a full range of resources to infuse businesses with the support they need to rapidly introduce innovative products and services. Every company that is concerned with delivering better benefits to their customers face the challenge of understanding, acquiring, enrolling and retaining new customers. A winning customer care strategy requires the proper blend of people, process and technology across multiple communication channels and complex customer interactions. It requires the ability to evolve on the spot, and it requires that it all gets done as cost-effective as possible.

Our Emerios platform has solved this problem with the ES3 Business Process Management Suite. 
ES3 delivers a proprietary blend of technology, workflow and business process that provides our clients with cost-effective solutions in the care of your clients. With many years of focus and development, Beyond Blue Holdings and its operating subsidiaries has a proven track record delivering turnkey, cost-effective solutions through a seamless customer experience across all customer touch points.

The Emerios ES3 Business Process Management Software Suite is a foundation of built-in tools and modules that allows you to quickly and easily design business processes that:

  • Incorporates Web, Mobile Web, Mobile Applications and all other digital assets into an integrated and engaging customer experience capable of ‘intelligent’ behavior and analytical tracking.
  • Manages and optimizes CSR, Chat agents, Street Team agents, IVR and escalation procedures that ensure an omnichannel presence in customer care.
  • Creates and manages two way communication with customers through the integrated delivery and intake of outbound and inbound communication via SMS, MMS, Email, Direct Mail, Chat and voice.
  • Connects to multiple third party validation and qualification databases that ensure right party, right message, and eligibility determination all within a pre-determined compliance matrix that ensures proper permissions and activities.
  • Quickly converts data from any native file format or delivery methodology into a usable file.
  • Generates simple, configurable and comprehensive reporting and administrative tools that deliver the data and the controls you need in the format you want.

The Emerios ES3 solution is customized for each client to ensure:

  • The fastest speed to market
  • An improved customer experience
  • Lower customer outreach costs
  • Streamlined internal processes
  • Real-time verification and control
  • Turnkey management and operations

Our unique interface allows your team to create, read, update, and delete custom business process modules with simple point-and-click design tools. Once your processes are in place, you can use our run-time Workflow Engine to execute, monitor and update your systems and reports.