VMBC Labs specializes in producing computer software applications and software components according to specific, externally-defined requirements through an assembly process. VMBC Labs applies manufacturing techniques and principles of Agile software development to deliver quality products and components with short turnaround times.

Traditional coding is eliminated from the process at the application layer, and the software is created by assembling predefined components instead of using traditional IDE’s. Traditional coding is used for creating new components or services. As with traditional manufacturing, the engineering is used for the creation of components and requirements gathering for the system. The end result of manufacturing in VMBC Labs is a composite application.

Our Software Lab–based application development addresses the problem of traditional application development: where applications are developed and delivered without taking advantage of the knowledge gained and the assets produced from developing similar applications. Many approaches, such as training, documentation, and framework creation, are used to address this problem by encoding proven practices for developing a specific style of application within a package of integrated guidance that is easy for project teams to adopt.

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