Our People

The Beyond Blue Holdings team is focused on results, validated learning and customer centric solutions.

No process survives without the passion shear will and determination of its leaders. The BBH team continuously shapes our core philosophies. Passion is an inherent trait, determination a core belief, and the knowledge of countless years of execution our foundation.

We believe it is people that make the process; our core team is agile, quick to learn and focused on the future. Our technical aptitude is matched only by our drive for success. We measure ourselves by what we do each day, not what we said yesterday.

Actionable results, experienced insight, rapid response and flexibility define us. We continually seek knowledge, understanding and others that fit this mold. We love what we do first, and have no fear of failure. Just as we iterate our ideas we iterate ourselves; we constantly seek to improve and learn from every experience.

Executive Team

Jesse Crowe, CEO

Jesse Crowe, CEO

As the founder and CEO of Beyond Blue Holdings in 1997, Jesse Crowe brings over 20 years of business experience to VMBC. Utilizing his training as a CFA and his experience as a venture capitalist and a valuation consultant with Ernst & Young, Jesse guides the BBH team to optimize value creation for clients, while maintaining a conservative fiscal policy for internal operations. Jesse’s accomplishments within and outside the industry are numerous where he holds a number of patents, has designed business solutions that have delivered billions of dollars in value, and has led successful industry efforts for changes to regulations which drive more cost effective and consumer centric new customer experience solutions. Jesse graduated with honors at the University of Houston with a degree in Finance. He is an avid car guy, drives too fast on his motorcycle and has been told that he smiles too much to be the CEO of a successful and profitable technology company.